Eastdale Village – A Modern Approach to Planning

  • Core of a mixed-use zoning district specifically created by the Town of Poughkeepsie to craft a neighborhood like this.
  • Smart-growth, planned, walkable, commercial and residential neighborhood.
  • Creates a lifestyle where people can live, work and play in a vibrant and exciting, pedestrian‐friendly environment.
  • Inspired by traditional Northeastern main streets and neighborhoods.
  • Includes a walkable town center with public open spaces and greens that establish a destination with a rich mix of retail options, gathering spaces and office space.
  • Eastdale Village will have the feel of a hamlet within natural surroundings.
Live - Work - Play
Commercial Concept

Eastdale Village Goals

  • Create a daylong experience through soft programming that attracts people to the neighborhood throughout the day.
  • Create a location known for innovation and launching of new businesses.
  • Appeal to a meds & eds culture with a wellness niche (i.e., acupuncture, yoga, chiropractor, potentially with shared scheduling and support services).
  • Appeal to the strong local culinary/foodie culture.
Project Scope

Project Scope

  • Strategically located on Route 44 on the east side of Poughkeepsie, approximately 2.5 miles northeast of the City of Poughkeepsie and 3 miles southwest of Pleasant Valley.
  • Development will be located on both sides of Route 44.
  • Near IBM and national retailers, as well as Vassar College, Marist College and The Culinary Institute of America.
  • 1 mile East of Adams

Project Development

  • Approximately 390 residential units, with a mix of studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom units will meet a broad cross-section of the area.
  • Up to 120,000 square feet of commercial, retail, service, medical, financial, institutional and office uses.
  • 35 acres of the 60-plus acre project land area (less than 60 percent) will be developed, leaving the remaining 25-plus acres as open space with passive and active parks and other recreational uses.
  • The developers will offer for donation over 20 acres of parkland to the Town and remain as undeveloped open space – creating the second largest park the Town of Poughkeepsie will own.
  • 3.85 acres will be developed on-site for recreational uses.
Walking trails and green space


  • The project includes a combination of townhomes, three-story apartment buildings, apartments located above commercial uses, and live/work spaces.
    • For-rent two-story townhomes located on both sides of Route 44.
    • Elevator-serviced, center-corridor apartments, strategically located within the project to meet the demand, particularly from active adults, for traditional apartment living.
    • Breezeway-style residential buildings to meet the demands of renters who want direct access to their front door.
    • Live/work buildings and mixed-use main street commercial buildings with offices and residences above the first floor.
    • Commercial center designed for neighborhood-scale restaurant, retail, medical and professional offices, and personal service businesses.
    • Vibrant residential and commercial outdoor spaces with public squares, community centers and prominent village greens.
Work & Play

Work and Play

  • Commercial center designed for neighborhood-scale restaurant, retail, medical and professional offices, and personal service businesses.
  • The main entrances to the site from both sides of Route 44 have been designed with input from acclaimed smart growth planners, and the NYS DOT, and are inspired by traditional main streets.
  • The architecture projects an organic growth of two- or three-story tall buildings with commercial uses on the first floor, and with office and residential uses on the second and third floors.
  • At the main entrance, the two west-side buildings will be matched by the two east-side buildings, with a similar size and scale.
  • The main street will include a public square, 50-foot-wide center green spaces, seating, benches, bike racks, patio sitting areas and parking. These main-street greens will be home to events and programming to provide the opportunity to activate the commercial core.
  • Other buildings:
    • Live/work buildings, each containing nonresidential uses, such as professional offices.
    • A larger building ideal for medical and general office use.
    • Two pad sites on the west side with direct access to Route 44 – a small site programmed for a branch bank and a larger site programmed to incorporate a day care facility with its own fenced-in play area.
  • Over 21 acres on the eastern side of the development will remain undeveloped with access to Wappinger Creek. The site will provide greenway connections, walking trails, picnic areas and recreational facilities designed for use by Town of Poughkeepsie residents. The project will provide a new parking facility for public access to what is intended to become the second largest park to be owned by the Town of Poughkeepsie.
  • Other open park and recreation spaces are proposed to serve the residential and/or commercial population on the site.
Walkable Community


  • Architecture of the shopping district is inspired by traditional Northeast main streets and neighborhoods, where people walk from shop to shop, and enjoy a sense of community and belonging.
  • The apartment buildings and townhomes have entrance porticos, front‐facing gables, and window and door patterns that recall traditional residential architecture styles found throughout the Hudson Valley.
  • Pedestrian friendly sidewalks provide a connection to central greens, neighborhood buildings and mail centers; plentiful on- and off‐street parking; and targeted users such as banks, daycare providers and medical facilities.
Retail Trade Area

Retail Trade Area

  • The project is anticipated to draw people from an approximate eight-minute drive time radius for retail trade.
  • The site has an approximate 37 square-mile primary trade area, limited by Wigsten Road and Sherow Road to the north, Routes 9G and 115 to the west, Academy Street at South Road/US-9 to below Hooker Avenue and Freedom Plains Road/US-55 to the south, and Drake Road to Taconic Parkway and around the west side of James Baird State Park to the east.

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